The Best 10 Ways to Wear Camisoles

Camisoles or camis like some people call the item, are a basic garment that many women have in their closets. It is a standard fashion wear like a t-shirt or socks. While many wear camisoles as undergarments, most wear camisoles as outerwear.

Luckily for everyone, camisoles flatter every body type, and they can be worn throughout the year for different occasions. Camisole tops can be worn as it is, or you can put another piece of clothing over it. But here are the best ten ways to wear camisoles.

1. Jackets, Cardigans, and Blazers

The first way you can wear a camisole as outwear is to wear a jacket over it. It does not matter what kind of jacket, whether it is a leather jacket or a silk one, but it will make you look very stylish. This look is best for a casual setting like a night out with your friends.

Another way to style a camisole is to wear it under a cardigan. This classic look is very versatile as it is proper for the office but is casual enough to wear for a night out in the town.

Speaking of work wear, you can wear a camisole under a blazer to give yourself a modern twist on a traditional look. This look is perfect for those who work in a workplace that does not have a very strict dress code.

2. Sweaters

Camisoles are perfect to be worn underneath sweaters in the spring and fall. Since in certain seasons, weather can vary throughout the day, this combo is ideal for days that are chilly in the morning but warm in the afternoon.

For sweaters that are loosely knitted, wearing a camisole underneath is perfect since your look is more suitable to wear in most settings.

3. Sheer Tops, Dress Shirts, and T-Shirts

Sheer tops are very fashionable, but they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Wearing a camisole under sheer tops is a perfect compromise for those who love the style but want to wear it more than once, and for those who like to try trends but do not like to show too much skin.

Camisoles are always fashionable when worn underneath dress shirts, which are commonly called button down shirts. It does not matter if the shirt is open or button up, it does not matter if it has a solid colour or a leopard print, and it does not matter if the shirt is cotton or flannel.

This look is very versatile since it may be work clothes, but it can also be worn in more casual settings. And if styled well, you can even wear it at formal events.

If you want to throwback to the 1990s, you can wear a camisole over a short sleeve shirt. This look has made a comeback in recent years and is perfect for the gym or any casual event.

4. Dresses It Is Best Paired With

Three types of dresses are perfect to wear camisoles underneath them. These dresses are sheer, wrap, and shirt dresses.

Since camisoles have traditionally been considered lingerie, there are many ways to wear them with dresses. This is perfect for sheer dresses since a camisole makes the dress more versatile in the types of settings where it could be worn.

Wearing camisoles underneath some kinds of dresses, such as a wrap dress or shirt dress, gives you more opportunities to wear these styles. The reason is that it makes a wrap dress or shirt dress more versatile in terms of the settings in which you should wear these styles.

5. Camisole Dresses

Camisoles dresses are great since you can style them in different ways. You can layer them over shirts. You can add jackets and cardigans to give camisole dresses different vibes, whether you are going for a professional look to a more casual look.

6. Camisoles When Worn as Tank Tops

The best thing about camisoles is that they are the perfect top to wear in the summer. There are different styles of camisoles made from various types of fabric.

For example, you can wear a cotton one during the day, but wear a silk one at night. You can dress camisoles up, or you can dress them down, but they are perfect to wear by themselves.

If you are wondering what can you wear your camisole with, camisoles are universal with any bottom. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, trousers, or skirts. That is why camisoles are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. There are many ways to wear this one type of clothing.

Planning A Kids Party? Then You Should Know About These Party Venues

partying children

Planning a children’s party is truly a daunting experience that is also fulfilling. The burden and stress are normally on the shoulders of the party host. Few people know that a successful kids party starts with a good plan and the help of a party planner. No matter how small or big, the party is, a solid plan is a must for the party to become successful.

There are lots of things to consider during the party planning like what’s reason for the party? How many guests will there be? What are the foods to serve? How much will the budget be? And most importantly, where will the kid’s party be held? Choosing the right venue is very crucial for party planning. Keep in mind; it’s the location that can make or break the well-planned event. The size of the place, the weather, the equipment, etc. will all play an important role in the party. If the party requires any additional lighting or tableware, you can always contact Bespoke Event Hire. They provide lights for parties and have a broad range of tableware.

What to expect in Australia?

Australia is a country that is persuasive for travellers all year round. Though it has been known for its distinct animals, beautiful views and landscapes along with the sunshine, it is also a home to beautiful firms and flourishing industries. It is a fact in the central business district of Australia, which is Sydney. Planning a party in this country will not be as hard as it seems from cocktail to children’s party, there are venues that you can choose. It is just important to keep in mind that the number of guests, the location of the place and the weather must all be on your list as you pick the right place for the party venue.

Some of the best kiddie party venues to consider

1. Fairground Follies

Fairground Follies is by far a unique venue in Australia. The Fairground Follies offers your guests with an escape from their everyday lives. It is located at the Mechanical Music Museum with an attraction like the Whimsical canopy and lots of fairy lights. This place is best for princess themed kiddie parties.

2. Taronga Centre

The Taronga Centre is overlooking the Sydney Harbour. It offers ample spaces for kid’s parties and meetings. This centre is best for themed parties too with its personal zoo and different activities like Sky Safari, a cable car tour of the Taronga Zoo. There is also a caterer that will provide the food.

3. Sydney’s Iconic Aquarium

There is no better place to celebrate life’s greatest blessings than in Sydney’s Iconic Aquarium. It is meant for themed kiddie parties and for those who would like to have something unique to offer to the guests. They have the Sea Life packages for those who wish to serve buffet meals or for those who want to have a cocktail party. There are more than seven hundred water species to capture the hearts of the guests.

4. Eden Gardens

Who could ever forget the Eden Gardens where you can have a barbeque kids party or a bonfire party with your friends? Those who are looking for a kid’s party venue where you can be outdoors, this is by far the best place to consider. It has stunning landscapes with terraces. There is also a garden theatre. It also has a flexible catering service so you can discuss the type of food you want.

5. The Luna Park in Melbourne

If you have been looking for a theme park for a party, Luna Park is just one of the best spots to consider. It offers fantastic event places and you will be given eighteen rides and attraction access. Most of the events being held at the Luna Palace Function Room offers an overlooking view of the Port Phillip Bay. It can hold more than five hundred guests. There will soon be an event space that will hang over the part too, so you might want to check that out for your future events.

6. Sanctuary Adelaide Zoo

This is not just one of the best places to visit in Australia, but also the best for kid’s parties. There are 2 big pandas there that you can see personally. They have different event areas like the Bamboo forest, Durrell Gallery and Sir Thomas.

After selecting the right Venue, you need to choose the food or better yet do a food tasting, since most of these venues has their own caterer. Then you can move on with the suppliers and other minute details involved in the kid’s party. It pays to plan months or a year before the party, just so you will have enough time to prepare.

When I Feel Empty, What To Do In Keeping My Health From Anxiety

It’s no big secret that sometimes life is hard. We are currently living in a time of high stress and worry that can often lead to bouts of anxiety. Prescriptions to help ease anxiety are selling through the roof, and many of us have no idea what we can do to alleviate the symptoms without resorting to these costly and unhealthy medications.

Like many others, I suffer from anxiety, but I have done everything I can to find other outlets and resources to help me maintain my health so that I do not need to turn to prescription medications. The very first thing I did was give myself the opportunity to realise that I am not alone. So many in this world are dealing with anxiety and allowing yourself to feel alone only makes it worse. I had the benefit of having a job at a county mental health facility for eight years. It astounded me how many came through the doors each year suffering the same problems I had. They felt helpless and alone.

If you have to, you can attend groups, but the sooner you recognise that there are many feeling the same way, the sooner you can let go of the stigma that many feel. Mental illness is rarely discussed and can often make us feel like were crazy and ostracised even though it is extremely prevalent throughout many societies.

Now, not all anxiety is chronic, and sometimes we have a day or two here and there where we just feel depressed or a bit off. In these times there are little things you can do to help yourself relax until the unease passes. Occasionally the anxiety can come in the form of a panic attack that lasts just a few minutes. In these cases, it can be important just to give yourself the chance to be silent.

If you’re with others, it might be helpful to explain to them that you just need a minute. Taking deep controlled breaths as you would in meditation or yoga be helpful as well as counting. I have found counting to be useful as it draws my mind away from whatever is causing me stress and forces me to focus on the repeated numbers instead. For myself, I repeat 3, 2, 1 – 3, 2, 1 over and over until the attack passes. On other occasions, I will draw on colours and repeat blue, red, green. The point is the focus so you can select whatever works best for you.

One of the best activities to focus on when you’re having trouble with anxiety is overall self-care. This can be a broad range of activities or other things you enjoy. Do you like to read, take a long hot bath, or do yoga? Is there a particular sweater or blanket you love? For many relaxations can come from items that are tactile. Think of the feel of a baby bunny or something else that is soft. Spend some time petting your dog or your cat and be amazed as your spirits are lifted. It does not need to be massive, and sometimes it’s the little things that can help. In some cases, you want to consider making yourself a care box. In the box, you can put together a group of items that help you when you’re struggling with your anxiety. You can put in a favourite relaxing cd, a perfume you love the smell of, a piece of fabric that you like the feel of, anything that you like. The box is entirely personal, and all you have to worry about is filling it with items that you gain comfort from.


Outside of a self-care box and only giving yourself the time you might want to work on education. Everyone has heard the saying that knowledge is power and it is 100% right. For many anxieties comes with a secondary fear of not knowing what is happening or why it is happening. I was able to help myself through some of the hardest times of my life by picking up a book that helped explain anxiety to me in terms I understood. If you don’t want to buy books, you can do research on the internet or even visit a local library. There are lots of books out there discussing anxiety and its various symptoms and how you can help yourself to work through them. (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Sep. 2016].


Many of the books available have worksheet type tasks that can help you lessen or even completely remedy your anxiety. However, the best part of the books is gaining an understanding of how stress works in your body. A lot of anxiety comes from irrational fear and the sooner that we learn how to handle these worries in a more productive and helpful manner the sooner the anxiety can subside. There is also the benefit of understanding how anxiety affects the body from the neurotransmitters within the brain. It is not only helpful but also interesting.

If you do occasionally suffer from anxiety but are not currently there are things you can do to ensure that it stays away. Being aware of what causes anxiety for you is helpful but so is keeping a healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise can be a great component for preventing anxiety. Through exercise, you release the stress of the day and give your body a boost of mood-elevating endorphins. These same endorphins that make you feel great after a long run also keep the anxiety at bay. Eating healthy foods give your body nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay illness free. Anything you can do that helps you stay in top physical shape will also contribute to keep your mind happy.

Remember, not everyone has anxiety all the time. Sometimes stress will come with a tragic event that you have trouble working past, or maybe a particularly stressful time at work. The best thing to do is recognise it for what it is and allow yourself the time you need to deal with it.